The Best Hawaiian Island for Exotic Luxury Retirement Living

Pinpointing a single inland as being the best Hawaiian island for an exotic luxury living is a task only the individual can judge. This is because each offers beauty and luxury that is totally its own and personal choice will dictate which island gets the crown.

The state of Hawaii is made up of six islands, the third largest in size but most populated of which is Oahu. It plays host to roughly two-thirds of the population of the state and is the seat of the state’s government. The island offers its visitors cultural events, business, and entertainment that are at par with the 21st century.

Honolulu the largest city of the island and the center of activity, while the outlying areas portray a more relaxed atmosphere The island of Oahu is at times referred to as the “Hawaii’s Gathering Place”, which is not surprising considering that Waikiki beach alone draws 72,000 tourists every day. This constitutes 44% of all visitors to Hawaii. Besides the beach, Pearl Harbor is another attraction of the island, as it marks the spot attacked at the start of World War II.

The Best Hawaiian Island for Exotic Luxury Living

Other islands of Hawaii include Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii Island. While each island can be considered to be the best Hawaiian island for an exotic luxury living, every island rises to the occasion and has something unique to offer to its visitors.

  • Kauai is situated at the northernmost tip of the chain and is well endowed with natural grandeur. It offers plenty of sites for outdoor activities and is home to Waimea Canyon also denoted as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”
  • Of all the islands, Molokai has deepest roots with the past. Nearly half of the population on the island shares an ancestry with Native Hawaiians. Papohaku Beach, one of the largest in the state, is located on this island.
  • If you want to leave 21st century behind, then Lanai is the place to be. Away from the prying eyes of the masses, it is the most private of all islands. It has no traffic lights, opulent resorts, and true luxury.
  • Maui is in second place in terms of size and during the 19th century functioned as the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. It is home to some of the most amazing beaches on the planet and plays host to ‘Mardi Gras of the Pacific’. Taking in the scenery and whale watching are the prized activities of the island.

Hawaii Island is the largest in terms of size which is why at times it is known as the Big Island. It is grand enough to have 11 out of the planet’s thirteen climate zones. It is home to everything from sunny, sand-filled beaches to snow covered mountain peaks. It has rainforests and waterfalls that are guaranteed to take the breath away. For the golf enthusiast, it is home to some of the world’s most demanding golf courses.

Five Star Hotels, spas, fine dining, along with other top class amenities can be found in premier locations on each of the islands.